PC (Early Access) Q3 2024 This Quarter us

Wizordum Episode Two Update PC (Early Access) Release Date

The game Wizordum Episode Two Update upcoming PC (Early Access) release date in the USA and UK is confirmed to be Q3 2024. You can play this game on PC (Early Access) in the USA and UK this quarter.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
PC (Early Access)
Q3 2024Confirmed
PC (Early Access)
Q3 2024Confirmed
Wizordum Episode Two Update cover art



Wizordum Episode Two Update


After cleansing corruption from the town of Grimbrook, the hunt for the source of Chaos leads one of the last mages of Wizordum on a journey to all-new locales. Episode Two enhances the spell-slinging with a new weapon, added alternate attacks, and a refined magic system where defeating enemies replenishes spellcasting abilities. Blast, bash, and burn a path through both existing and brand-new biomes in the newly-added Campaign Mode featuring spider-filled magical forests, swamp ruins teeming with bog beasts, and mercenary-filled warships. Brave the ill-fated Mountain Fortress filled with deadly traps, where one wrong step can trigger a slew of bone-crushing boulders, moving walls, and flaming projectiles.



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