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After serving eight years in prison, reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram re-enters society and struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Living under the tough supervision of a parole officer in a halfway house, he is unable to find a job that will let him use the technological skills he gained in prison. Lance is forced to take a job delivering for a food pantry where he befriends Ms. Maddy (Loretta Devine), a strong and spirited grandmother, and assumes responsibility for her 15-year-old grandson Ty, a promising student who is pulled into a dangerous street gang. When gang members decide to punish Ty for disobeying the "law of the streets," Lance risks sacrificing his "second chance" at freedom so that Ty can have a "first chance" at a better life.


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Based on 2 Chapter & Verse Cinema reviews, Chapter & Verse gets an average Cinema review score of 80. The score for all versions is 80 based on a total of 2 reviews.
Chapter & Verse release date for Cinema February 3, 2017 2 Years Ago (US)

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Chapter & Verse was released on Cinema 960d ago in the US.
February 3, 2017Confirmed

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