Pitch Perfect 3 is in order.

'/>Pitch Perfect 3 is in order.

'/>Pitch Perfect 3 is in order.


Pitch Perfect 3 Is Officially On!

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Pitch Perfect 2 may have hit cinemas only a month ago, but that's more than enough time for Universal to decide a Pitch Perfect 3 is in order.

Pitch perfect 2 had a fantastic run at the box office, finishing number one in its opening weekend, where it opened against Mad Max: Fury Road. The film is sitting pretty at $260 million at the box office, which while certainly not record-breaking is almost ten times its budget. Of course, the budget doesn't take into account marketing or the slice taken by theatre chains but it's safe to say the studio have made a tidy profit from the film.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are both confirmed to be back on board for the third outing of the Barden Bellas, and while not confirmed yet we can assume Hailee Steinfeld will be back too as her contract was for multiple movies.

Another good sign for fans is that Kay Cannon is returning to write Pitch Perfect 3. Cannon wrote both Pitch Perfect films, so we can expect the threequel to be on point. It's a word.

Pitch Perfect 3 is currently lining up for a July 2017 release, although at this stage that could change. Be sure to track the release date on the movie's page to be kept updated on any changes.

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