Riz Ahmed Rumoured For Venom Role 

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The news hasn’t been confirmed but rumours seem to suggest that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Riz Ahmed will play Carnage in Sony’s upcoming Venom spin-off movie.  

Set to begin shooting this fall, the movie will star Tom Hardy in the lead role and will be directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer; and now Tracking Board is reporting that Ahmed will be playing the villainous Carnage in Venom. 

Their report comes from two separate sources, one stating the actor already has the part and another indicating that Sony are considering him for Carnage or another major role. 

Carnage is both the propagation of the Venom symbiote and the name used by serial killer Cletus Kassidy when he dons the organism. There’s no word on if the Carnage we meet in Venom will be Kassidy, but it’s likely as he’s the main host in the source material.

Ahmed isn’t the only name linked with the role - both Hamilton creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda and Gotham‘s de factor Joker Cameron Monaghan have expressed interest in the role – but he’s the first name touted by the studio itself, and he’s an interesting choice. 

Venom is due to swing into cinemas Oct 5, 2018. 

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