Transformers: Bumblebee Set to Shoot in July 

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Transformers spin off movie, Bumblebee will commence filming in July.  

Attempting to show there’s more than meets the eye within the Transformers movie universe, the film will expand upon and add to the new story line commencing with Transformers: The Last Knight. 

As Michael Bay departs the world of the Autobots and Decepticons, new director Travis Knight will helm the Bumblebee spin-off which, according to My Entertainment World, which tracks start dates on feature films and TV shows, the currently untitled Bumblebee movie is set to begin production in mid-July with locations yet to be determined. 

Barring any delays, that will give the Bumblebee about a year of production time before Paramount rolls out the film in June 2018.

Little is known about the spin-off, which sees Sam Witwicky’s (Shia LaBeouf) loyal Autobot companion in the first Transformers, take centre stage. 

Based on the Hasbro toy line, the film centering on the yellow and black striped Autobot that appeared as one of the ...
Release Dates
2 Apr 2019-Blu-ray
26 Dec 2018-Cinema
2 Apr 2019-DVD
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