Elizabeth Banks in Talks to Direct New Charlie's Angels Film

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Good morning Angels…again; grab your hairspray, ridiculous costumes and everyone’s favourite indulgent eunuch Bosley, as Sony are once again looking to bring back Charlie’s Angels with Pitch Perfect 2’s Elizabeth Banks in talks to direct.

Despite its standing as a cult classic, Charlie’s Angels previous forays into the movies were intermittently entertaining – and less said about its recent television rebirth, which was cancelled after four episodes, the better – but that hasn’t deterred Sony from attempting to come up with another new take on the concept of three female detectives working for a mysterious, anonymous benefactor who communicates via speaker phone and an assistant named Bosley.

Banks is in demand thanks to the strong box office showing of Pitch Perfect 2, which took $285 million worldwide on a $30 million budget, and seems to be a good fit for the balance of action, comedy and providing a different take on the three female leads.

She is already lined up to direct an adaptation of Victoria Aveyard’s novel Red Queen for Universal, and the studio would likely offer her first refusal on directing Pitch Perfect 3, now in development.

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