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Vedette Cinema US Release Date

The movie Vedette is already released on Cinema in the USA.

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June 24, 2022Confirmed
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Who didn’t grow up loving Ferdinand, the bull who just wanted to smell the flowers and who refused to fight? Vedette, on the other hand, is a Swiss Hérens cow, an aggressive breed whose females compete by locking horns (no damage is done) and who has been Queen of some spectacularly beautiful Alpine pastures her entire life. The Queen grazes on the best grass and is hand-fed loaves of bread by Elise and Nicole, two women who have doted upon her for a lifetime. But now Vedette is old; and they are confronted by the kinds of existential issues we all face at the fading of the light. Reading Descartes to their beloved cow and playing music by Bizet and Mozart all figure into the equation. Anyone who has ever lived with an animal will be drawn to Vedette’s awesome presence and innate dignity and will empathize with the people who adore her.

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