Cinema 3 Months Ago June 3, 2022 us

The Siege of Robin Hood Cinema US Release Date

The movie The Siege of Robin Hood is already released on Cinema in the USA.

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June 3, 2022Confirmed
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The Siege of Robin Hood


In a time of chaos and tyranny, the once great nation of England teeters perilously on the brink of mass revolution. After the merciless Sheriff of Nottingham (David Macrae) orders a brutal attack on his family, a young man named Robin (Paul Allica) swears bloody revenge on the men responsible, vowing to restore freedom to those trapped under the realm's oppressive rule. Advised & mentored by the reclusive magician Merlin, Robin and his right-hand man Lancelot recruit a team of exiled fighters and skilled mavericks to rally all the villagers for an explosive all-out assault on the Crown's castle.
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