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The Dead Mother (1993) 4K Blu-ray Release Date

The movie The Dead Mother (1993) was just released 10 days ago on 4K Blu-ray in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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4K Blu-ray
September 18, 2023Confirmed
4K Blu-ray
September 18, 2023Confirmed
The Dead Mother (1993) cover art
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The Dead Mother (1993)


Ismael Lopez (Elejaldo), a petty criminal, shoots and kills a painting restorer during a bungled burglary, and shoots her daughter as well. Twenty years later, and the daughter Leire (Alvarez) has been left mute and with a mental age of a child, spending most of her time in a mental home. A chance meeting between Leire and Ismael, who now works in a bar, leads Ismael to think that she still ight be able to recognise him, and turn him in to the police. With the help of his girlfriend Maite (Lio), he kidnaps Leire and chains her to the bed in his house. He is unable to kill her, however, and instead asks the mental home for a ransom for her return. Whilst a prisoner, though, Leire and Ismael grow closer and closer through his attempts to make her laugh and their mutual love for chocolate.

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