Discovery 5 Days Ago Monday June 10th us

Six Schizophrenic Brothers Season 1 Discovery Release Date

The tv series season Six Schizophrenic Brothers Season 1 was just released 5 days ago on Discovery in the USA. The upcoming Discovery release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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June 10, 2024Confirmed
Six Schizophrenic Brothers Season 1 cover art


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Six Schizophrenic Brothers Season 1

TV Series Season

In this four-part limited docuseries binge drop, an all-American family is torn apart when six of 12 siblings develop schizophrenia. Don and Mimi Galvin dream of raising their picture-perfect family on Hidden Valley Road in Colorado Spring until their eldest son, Donald, begins to act strangely. What starts as a rivalry between his younger siblings develops into a series of bizarre rituals and extreme violence. But as more brothers follow in Donald's footsteps, it becomes clear that something much larger is happening. With unprecedented access and exclusive interviews with the Galvin family, the series explores this terrifying and heart-wrenching true story that made its way into medical history.
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