PlayStation 4 8 Years Ago September 15, 2015 us

Overruled! PS4 Release Date

The game Overruled! is already released on PlayStation 4 in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
September 15, 2015Confirmed
September 18, 2015Confirmed
Overruled! cover art
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Overruled is a multiplayer brawler like no other - players change the rules as they play, directly influencing the dynamics and direction of combat. Challenge up to three friends with both local and online multiplayer to a battle – The end result is simple - the person with the most points wins the game! It’s the madness that happens as the clock clicks down that makes Overruled extra special. Use over 25 change ’em-up cards to mess things up and alter the gameplay to best suit your style and annoy your opponents - no game is ever the same!

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