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Good Rivals Season 1 Amazon Release Date

The tv series season Good Rivals Season 1 is already released on Amazon in the USA and UK.

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November 24, 2022Confirmed
November 24, 2022Confirmed
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Good Rivals Season 1

TV Series Season

Good Rivals peels back the political, social, and sporting layers of a rivalry that has become must-see TV over the past 30 years. Far more than just a sports documentary, Good Rivals spotlights the personal and professional arcs of stars from each nation, like Landon Donovan (United States) and Rafa Márquez (Mexico), who became symbols of their country's cultures during their respective careers in the early and mid 2000s. Good Rivals will also examine the passionate, international battle for on-field talent and fan support that has made the U.S.-Mexico border one of the most fascinating soccer frontiers in the world, with players - and families - from both countries becoming the focus of recruiting battles between these two deeply interconnected nations.
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