10 Years Ago February 9, 2014 us

Acer P1173 DLP 3D Projector P1173 Release Date

The projector Acer P1173 DLP 3D Projector is already released on P1173 in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
February 9, 2014Confirmed
February 9, 2014Confirmed
Acer P1173 DLP 3D Projector cover art
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Acer P1173 DLP 3D Projector


Whether you're projecting business presentations, academic lectures, photographs, movies or even games, draw your audience in with the functionality of the Acer P1173 Projector. Colors remain balanced and images accurate with advanced Acer technologies. Everything comes to life with crystal clarity thanks to exceptional resolution and high brightness. What's more, this projector is DLP® 3D ready, depicting lifelike and breathtaking visuals with greater depth.

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