Latest Ark Trailer Shows Off New Location & Dinosaur

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The new trailer for Ark: Survival Evolved has hit and it gives a detailed look at the new location, items to us in-game, & the latest breed to join the mix - the Titanosaur!

The new biome is called the Redwood and it includes massive wood and metal tree platforms for those of you who like to build the coolest of hideouts for your kept species. The trees even offer a sap that will create a healthy concoction for your large pets. Among the new additions is the retractable rope ladder, effective for keeping allies in and enemies out. If you need a bit extra help transporting your goods back to your base, the new Titanosaur should do the trick. It's the largest creature yet to be found in the game and has already been nicknamed "the mobile super-fortress."

The next update to the game will include two new creatures, two items, and a load of new structures. It's expected to arrive first for PC users on July 28th.

ARK: Survival Evolved
As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hun...
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30 Nov 2018-Switch
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