Everything We Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung's latest iteration of their smart phone comes to us in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which improves on its screen, an updated S Pen, a redesigned camera and more.

Release & Essentials

• Release: September 15th, 2017

• Price: £869

• Screen: 6.3-inch QHD+ AMOLED HDR

Specs & S Pens

Samsung are proving the Galaxy Note 8 is more than just a Galaxy S8 with an S Pen thrown in as they go slighter bigger in size than even the S8+ model. The screen for the Galaxy Note 8 is a real piece of eye candy as they've gone with QHD+ AMOLED that really makes the colour vibrant and keeps black levels perfect for media viewing. There's also support for HDR with the Note 8 certified by the 4K Alliance. The Note 8 was also optimised to support multitasking with Multi Window mode for two apps, with App Pairing presets available.

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• 6.3-inch QHD+ AMOLED (18.5:9 aspect ratio)

• 10nm AP + 6GB RAM

• Gigabit LTE + Gigabit Wi-Fi

• Vulkan API gaming

• Expandable MicroSD memory (up to 256GB)

• Dual SIM (personal and/or work lines)

• Wireless charging (sold separately)

• IP68 rated (water and dust resistant)

• Biometric locking (face recognition, iris and fingerprint scan)

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The S Pen stylus sets the Note 8 apart from its slimmer S8 cousins and has proven to be a more sensitive version than previous S Pens, with it conveniently tucked away within the phone itself for safe storage. Given the size of the screen you'll probably forgo using it but it's there for sketching and to avoid fingerprint smudges. Samsung also boast it'll help you create quick and easy animated GIFs to share as you crop videos, and scrawl notes without unlocking the phone. The Galaxy Note 8 S Pen's tip is just 0.7 mm in size for the precision of an actual pen to draw and write with a crazy 4096 levels of pressure detection.

The camera of the Note 8 is a dual telephoto setup at 12 mega-pixels with OIS, which stands for optical image stabilisation. That means even if the phone is shaking an image can be captured without horrendous blur. You can take some rather fancy bokeh style shots where the subject of your snap can be focused on while the background blurs afterwards. Thanks to its large 1.4µm pixels and bright F1.7 lens it can also handle night photography well. The front camera sports an 8 mega-pixel lens with a smart auto-focus for the inevitable selfie with a F1.7 bright lens.


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Samsung push forward their 6.3-inch Infinity Display with the Galaxy note 8 which keeps that curved screen look to avoid borders, except at the top and bottom of the smartphone. This gives more screen to view and supports the S Pen being stored away discreetly to achieve a narrow body. It also supports a wider cinematic view with its 18.5:9 aspect ratio through landscape mode.

The Home button is embedded underneath the Infinity Display and stays invisible to the user until needed. The 18.5:9 aspect ratio also makes viewing lists easier with less scrolling as much more can be displayed at any given time.

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The Whole Package

1. Device with S Pen

2. Tweezer and Pen nibs

3. USB power adaptor

4. Micro USB connector

5. USB connector (USB Type-C)

6. USB cable

7. Ejection pin

8. Earphone

Visit the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 website to learn more and to pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
The redesigned Galaxy Note 8 takes everything that’s made the Note series a fan favorite for years and bolsters it wi...
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