Nobody Likes Guards In The Stanford Prison Experiment Trailer

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No doubt many of you have a vague knowledge of Dr Phillip Zimbardo's 1971 Stanford Prison psychological experiment. Well, now there's a movie to show you just how messed up it really was.

The Stanford Prison Experiment is, shockingly enough, a movie based on the psychological experiment of the same name in which Dr Zimbardo enlisted 24 students to play the randomly assigned role of prisoner or guard. The 'guards' were under strict instructions not to physically assault the 'prisoners' and that they would be observed at all times.

The film stars Billy Crudup (The Longest Week) as Dr Zimbardo, and Olivia Thirlby (The Wedding Ringer) as his wife, who is (rightly) concerned about the ethics of the experiment..

The Stanford Prison Experiment is due for release July 17 in the USA and you can watch the trailer below:

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