World Of Final Fantasy Announced For PC, Out November

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Square Enix has announced World of Final Fantasy for PC by the middle of November, so get ready for turn-based whimsy with twins Lann and Reynn.

The RPG released for PlayStation 4 and Vita last year but that's old hat now. The new hotness is the PC release with a PC announcement trailer now out. The adventures of twins Lann and Reynn will start in three week's time.

Lann and Reynn are struck with amnesia and so go adventure in the monster troubled land of Grymoire to recover their memories. It's a big sprawling Final Fantasy world to explore with the series' Active Time Battle system and a cast of oddball characters to accompany you.

World of Final Fantasy releases on PC November 21st, 2017.

World of Final Fantasy
World of Final Fantasy is a role-playing game reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games. The gameplay elements are sim...
Release Dates
25 Oct 2016-PS4
21 Nov 2017-PC
25 Oct 2016-PS Vita
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