Runbow Announced For PC

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13AM Games has announced their award-winning Nintendo Wii U game Runbow is now sprinting onto PC via Steam this month. Prepare for colourful language.

Red, blue, green, yellow - I did warn you it'd be colourful - and other fancy visual delights are what Runbow is all about. Each racer is a different colour and they will brawl their way through levels, which alter depending on the background colour at the time.

"Runbow quickly became a must-have on the Wii U and we think it will also become a favorite among PC gamers,” said Dave Proctor, Co-Founder of 13AM Games. “With online multiplayer, gamers can brawl and race against their friends and others worldwide while taking on the challenging and fun gameplay that earned Runbow so many honors. Additionally, Runbow has a bevy of content for players to tackle trials on their own, and I think there’s something for everyone here.”

It's got a single-player campaign complete with DLC offerings but also features three different online and local multiplayer modes.

Runbow releases on PC November 18th, and is available now on Nintendo Wii U.

Get Ready to Runbow! Runbow is a fast-paced action party game for up to 8 players locally and 9 players online. Platf...
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16 Jul 2017-Xbox One
3 Jul 2018-Switch
27 Aug 2015-Wii U
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