Toy Story 4 To Be Standalone Romantic Comedy

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Toy Story 3 provided a perfect end to the story of Buzz and Woody, so much so that many fans were sceptical a fourth film could work. It seems Pixar's president Jim Morris may agree with them, as he confirmed in an an interview with Disney Latino that Toy Story 4 would be a standalone project.

Morris stated that the next Toy Story film will only be very loosely connected to the first three. This means it may not star any of the cast or characters from the previous films, or indeed keep the title of Toy Story 4.

Unlike past Toy Story movies, Toy Story 4 will have little if any human/toy interaction, and will instead have a story more akin to a romantic comedy. Morris also stated that there were no plans to continue the story of Toy Story 4 beyond one film. His phrasing, however, suggests that if fans react well to this new story we may see an entirely new Toy Story Trilogy.

Toy Story 4 is currently set to release June 16 2017 so it will be a while before we see anything of it. Are you excited to see a romantic comedy about toys? Or would you rather they continued the adventures of Woody and Buzz?

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