Humorous Racing Game Coffin Dodgers Comes To Consoles This Spring

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Coffin Dodgers, a game in which if the title doesn't get you hyped, the synopsis will, is on track to arrive on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One this spring.

In the game, players will take to the race course to battle it out against The Grim Reaper himself! You'll be tasked with picking one of seven elderly racers who you believe has the potential to complete a 13 race championship on a mission to save the retirement village and its residents from death. So, what kinda sweet rides can you expect to cruise in? Mobility scooters! ...Complete with weapons and gadgets to get the job done.

You can check out some screenshots and a Story Trailer for the game below, start "Tracking" its release by clicking here, and/or visit the game's Steam page to start playing it right away!

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