Everything We Know About Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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The sequel to Bethesda and MachineGames' Wolfenstein: The New Order where the action shifts from Europe to the United States in an alternate 1960s.

Release & Essentials

• Release: October 27th, 2017

• Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

• Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter

• Developer/Publisher: MachinesGames / Bethesda Softworks

William "B.J." Blazkowicz

Despite getting blown out of a fortress and taking shrapnel to the head, plunging into the murky sea below and then spending 14 years in a mental asylum, William "B.J." Blazkowicz is nothing if not dedicated to the dramatic reduction of Nazi personnel. He 'awakens' to discover its the 1960s and the Second World War is over with Nazi Germany having pacified any resistance around the globe.

The conclusion of Wolfenstein: The New Order left Blazkowicz in a rather 'hot spot' of an atomic blast and he was presumed lost in a noble sacrifice to take down a nemesis and a major architect of the Nazi rise to technological supremacy. Once again Blazkowicz proves far more resilient as he's back and ready to take the fight to Nazi's on his home turf of the United States of America, which surrendered following the atomic bombing of New York City.

One Groovy Alternate History, Our Canon

The alternate history of Wolfenstein continues as it's still the 1960s with America now facing the full effects of Nazi rule imposing its cultural dominance over US citizens. The New Colossus begins with Blazkowicz in a sorry state and even wheelchair bound following his injuries. A little some thing like not getting to walk is hardly going to keep him down as he gets creative and still manages to deplete Nazi numbers.

Soon enough Blazkowicz gets back in touch with Resistance allies and wants to rally others to rise up and challenge the Nazi regime, which is seemingly led by another arch nemesis - Frau Engel - who has recovered nicely from her severe case of jaw crushing.

Blazkowicz has another reason to fight and that's his pregnant partner Anya, who's carry twins and doesn't let a little morning sickness slow down her Nazi slaying too much. We also know Max Hoss will be featuring in The New Colossus, who tragically lost his 'adoptive father' and must now cope more on his own. Set Roth of the mysterious and secretive Da'at Yichud is back too and may have more insight to defeat the regime.

It seems we have influence on another possible returning character as our choice in The New Order will decide whether they're alive or not.

The Right To Bear Arms, And Fire-Spewing Robots

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Blunt, sneaky and creative ways to kill Nazis is something the Wolfenstein franchise has delivered on for some time and that's not going to change in the United States of 1960s alternate America. The teaser for The New Colossus even shows us taking one of the robotic dogs for a ride and spewing fire, launching grenades and firing an electrical cannon.

It's not all about going loud with gunfire, grenades and experimental laser weaponry as stealthy approaches will still play a big part in Wolfenstein. Getting up close and personal for a sneaky throat-sticking or throwing a well placed knife is equally valid.

Dual-wielding madness comes back but now we can mix and match what the guns will be, unlike in the original where it was always two assault rifles, two pistols, two shotguns etc. Naturally this is a real ammo spending method of dispatching Nazis but we now get a hatchet for extra melee brutality and for those awkward moments we don't have any spare bullets.

Perks Of The Job (Now With Ranks)

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The New Colossus will be using perks in a very similar way to Wolfenstein: The New Order where you perform certain feats such as enough dual-wielding kills or keeping accuracy high while you unload a full clip, which then gives you permanent bonuses such as more ammo or better damage.

Change is on the horizon however as The New Colossus adds its own spice to the mix with the new perk system. Now the game's perks have ranks too so unlocking these bonuses is a more gradual process. Each time you reach a new perk rank the advantage gets bigger. Generally the perk rewards are the same such as increased movement speed while crouching or ammunition capacity. The perks are spread across three branches - Stealth, Mayhem and Tactical:


Stealth takedowns (crouch speed), Enigma codes (alarm signals jammed), Thrown hatchet kills (hatch capacity), Quick Commander kill (silenced weapon damage), Takedowns or tampers (laser/diesel ammo when tampering), Locked (unknown).

• Mayhem

Heavy weapon kills (magazine size detached weapons), Grenade kills (grenade capacity), Overcharged kills (slower health overcharge loss), Dual-wield kills (ammo capacity), Combat takedown (health regen speed), Locked (unknown).

• Tactical

Kills by burning (reduced fire damage), Elektro-bomb stun kills (reduced laser damage), Environment kills (reduced explosive damage), Enemy grenade kills (longer enemy grenade fuses), Headshot kills (increased sighted aim damage), Locked (unknown).

Season Pass - The Freedom Chronicles

Bethesda have revealed a season pass for Wolfenstein 2 that introduces three story episodes exploring a different character with unique skills and backstory.

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Adventures of Gunslinger Joe stars former quarterback Joseph Stallion fighting the Nazi occupation in the sad ruins of Chicago as well as in space. The Diaries of Agent Silent Death focuses on Jessica Valiant, a former OSS agent infiltrating Nazi bunkers in sunny California to learn the truth of Operation San Andreas. The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins features the US Captain on mission to dismantle Operation Black Sun in the chilly and Nazi-occupied Alaska.

Those who pre-order the sequel also get the additional bonus of Episode Zero, which is a mission introducing each of the three characters that star in their own adventures spanning The Freedom Chronicles. Owners of the season pass also get access to Episode Zero.

Be sure to check back as Bethesda release more information in the run up to release.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
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