Devil's Third in the Americas later this year.

'/>Devil's Third in the Americas later this year.

'/>Devil's Third in the Americas later this year.


Nintendo of America Will Publish Itagaki's Devil's Third

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After rumours began to swirl about a possible 'shove-it-under-the-carpet-and-forget-about-it' situation occurring, Nintendo of America has confirmed that they will be publishing Devil's Third in the Americas later this year.

The rumour gained prevalence due to a video report published by Unseen64 which strung together evidence from various trustworthy sources and claimed that Nintendo was distancing themselves from the title, which would explain why it didn't show up during E3.

It also claimed European reviewers had given Devil's Third poor pre-embargo reviews due to an inconsistent frame-rate and shoddy camera work. Itagaki spoke out on Facebook about the poor reception, placing the blame on the skill of the players as opposed to a technical downfall.

Interestingly enough, Devil's Third was announced to be a Wii U exclusive but Valhalla will be publishing a PC version which will "offer a multiplayer experience tailored to the platform". It will also be "free-to-start".

You will be able to catch Devil's Third in Europe on August 28 for the Wii U, the US is expected to see the game at the end of this year. As for the PC release, it will be launched in "various regions around the world following the release of the Wii U version in each region" which will start in September.

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