Cloudborn Announced, For PC VR Platforms This September

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Want to discover a lost civilisation high beyond the clouds? Cloudborn lets you scale the world to new heights in this virtual reality exploration and climbing game.

Choosing from a variety of movement options such as arm swinging, dash teleport and FPS sliding, you traverse a colourful world that features support for standing, sitting and roomscale experiences using tracked motion controllers.

"With Cloudborn we've made something bright and colorful that's mysterious and exciting to explore. Building a game around climbing rather than combat made a lot of sense. VR really allows us to experience some of that curiosity we had as children and that's what we want players to experience with Cloudborn," said  Alberto Amigo, Game Designer at Logtown Studios.

Cloudborn releases for PC this September supporting HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and for PlayStation 4 at an undisclosed date.

A virtual reality experience in a colourful world where you explore through climbing the landscape to discover a lost...
Release Dates
26 Sep 2017-PC (Early Access)
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