Kill The Plumber Kicks Off PC Gaming In 2016

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Kill The Plumber is an action platformer with a unique twist that is set to get 2016 started on January 1st!

In Kill The Plumber, unlike most 2D side-scrollers that pits the player against endless enemies, the object becomes to kill the game's hero! Your goal in each level will be to stop the protagonist from completing his goals, thus completing your task as a video game villain. You'll start off slowly with barely enough power to kill the hero, and with each of your successes gain new abilities that will surely give him a challenge if he wants to defeat you. A very interesting concept, we must say!

Additional features include:
- Full controller support.
- 30 playable enemies.
- Over 140 levels consisting of snow, islands, underwater scenes, dungeons, & castles to keep you busy!

The game was crowned the Winner of Excellence in Design at the Independent Games Festival 2015 in China. As far as a console release goes, unfortunately the game is only on its way to PC for now, but you can also currently check it out on Google Play!

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