Castlevania Trailer For Netflix Original Series

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Fire up that original Nintendo NES and get ready for the Netflix original animated series Castlevania, based off the long-running Konami franchise from 1986.

The teaser trailer includes a delicious nod to the actual home console that started it all by booting up Netflix in 8-bit pixel glory and skipping over other hit Netflix shows to select Castlevania.

Soon enough it cuts to the actual animated series due later in July where the "last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula."

Castlevania season one airs on Netflix July 7th, 2017. A second season has already been approved and is due in 2018.

Castlevania Season 1
Inspired by the classic video game series, “Castlevania” is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving memb...
Release Dates
7 Jul 2017-Netflix
4 Dec 2018-Blu-ray
4 Dec 2018-DVD
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