First Trailer for Liam Neeson's The Commuter

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Even if the average commute to work is filled with the untold misery of cramming yourself onto a train/bus/disease incubator, please spare a thought for Liam Neeson, who plays a seemingly normal business man who’s offered a deadly deal in The Commuter - and the latest trailer has just pulled into the station.  

Neeson plays Michael Woolwich, a regular joe with no particular set of skills who one day is approached by Vera Farmiga's Joanna, who offers an odd proposition: $75,000 sitting in the bathroom is his if he can identify who on the train doesn't belong. At first, he waves it away as a silly gamble but then the stakes start to rise.

And as the clock ticks and people begin dying, Michael realises that Joanna and the people she's working with might be much more dangerous than even he thought.  

Co-starring Patrick Wilson, Sam Neill, Jonathan Banks and Elizabeth McGovern The Commuter reunites Neeson with his regular collaborator, director Jaume Collet-Serra, who he previously worked with on Non-Stop – which makes you wonder why he bothers with public transport at all. 

The Commuter will be released in the UK on January 19th. 

The Commuter
A businessman on his daily commute home, unwittingly gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy. It threatens not only h...
Release Dates
21 May 2018-VOD
17 Apr 2018-DVD
19 Jan 2018-Cinema
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