The Escapists 2 Release Date Confirmed For August

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Team17 has alerted us to a breakout scheduled for mid-August with The Escapists 2 for PC and console. Walls, armed guards and snitches can't stop this release.

If you like escaping things and cheating the system trying to hold you down then Mouldy Toof Studios' latest instalment to The Escapists franchise could be for you. For those who pre-order a special additional prison is thrown in called The Glorious Regime.

"In this pulse-pounding penitentiary, players will experience the thrill of escaping a hidden compound deep in the jungle. You’ll need determination and drive to avoid the unquestioningly devoted guards, constant surveillance, and the Illustrious Leader himself, in your bid for freedom," teased Team17 and Mouldy Toof.

There's a prison schedule you need to crack, the crafting of tools, cell shakedowns, jobs and 'favours' to trade and the need to scout for weaknesses to plot your 'early parole'. 10 unique prisons feature in this sequel with each supporting solo, co-op or competitive modes for up to four players. The Escapists 2 also has a new combat system, hundreds of customisation options, new ways of escape and new items to craft.

The Escapists 2 releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 August 22nd, 2017.

The Escapists 2
Gather your escape team, The Escapists 2 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2017. How will you escape?...
Release Dates
22 Aug 2017-Xbox One
22 Aug 2017-PC
22 Aug 2017-PS4
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