Lab Zero Hits Their Indivisible Funding Goal

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Indivisible almost didn't make its funding goal but, thanks to an additional thirty days gifted by Indiegogo, Lab Zero Games will be bringing their Valkyrie Profile-inspired RPG to life.

Despite cutting it quite close - 62 hours left close - the developer still has a couple of stretch goals awaiting a generous, last-minute volunteer. At $1,650,000, the game will get an additional hour of music atop the 60-90 minute soundtrack and, at $1,900,000, the team will partner with Titmouse and a 'Mystery Anime Studio' to create an animated opening.

Lab Zero Games celebrated on Twitter once the campaign reached the goal, stating "After a grueling 57 days, it finally happened... #IndivisibleRPG is funded! From Lab Zero Games, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

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