True Detective Season Three In The Works

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Burning bright before fading away, it’s fair to say that True Detective suffered from the TV equivalent of ‘Second Album Syndrome’ but, eager to breath some life back into the band…er show, Nic Pizzolatto is rumoured to be working on a third season where he’ll collaborate with Deadwood’s David Milch. 

The news, which comes from Entertainment Weekly, is very tentative, with proceedings very much described as a ‘work in progress’ but if Pizzolatto can recapture the fire that made True Detective such a compelling show and Milch can add a little of Deadwood’s particular brand of moonshine to that fire then we’re really talking event television.  

However, EW stress that Milch won’t be running the show – that role has yet to be filled - but Pizzolatto has reportedly written the first two episodes of the new run, so it appears we may yet get to see more from the anthology crime show. 

Here’s hoping True Detective comes back all guns blazing again. 

True Detective Season 3
The third season of the show tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepen...
Release Dates
13 Jan 2019-HBO
3 Sep 2019-DVD
3 Sep 2019-Blu-ray
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