Everything We Know About Super Mario Odyssey

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Nintendo has officially unveiled Super Mario Odyssey gameplay at E3 2017 during their press conference, so what's all the plumping fuss about?

Release & Essentials

• Release: October 27th, 2017

• Platform: Nintendo Switch (Exclusive)

• Genre: 3D Sandbox Platformer

• Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer

A gameplay reel from Nintendo went live at E3 2017 showing the power of flinging hats in Super Mario Odyssey, which is the main trick to the whole adventure.

From the trailer we see numerous worlds we'll be having a sandbox platfoming romp through in glorious 3D. Mario is able to throw his cap and have it 'possess' what it lands on letting you gain control of various creatures (including enemies) and even machinery. T-Rex Mario? You bet!

None of the kingdoms will limit your sense of adventure or exploration as it doesn't impose any time limit or 'disincentive' to stick around and try to find all the little treats and secrets before moving on, or choosing to comeback later. It's very much like the sandbox worlds of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

Mario's Odyssey

Mario uses a spaceship known as Odyssey to zip around these worlds which are gradually unlocked through 'power moons', which is the currency Mario must acquire and then spend to unlock new kingdoms to explore. Some of the areas shown by Nintendo thus far include a prehistoric land, the New York City-inspired New Donk City and a Sand Kingdom.

Interestingly you'll also be able to spend all those coins you collect throughout the game on outfits for Mario as well as souvenirs. These souvenirs are your tourist trap gifts that can be used to decorate the Odyssey to remind you of your accomplishments. Purple coins are specific to the local kingdom while the traditional yellow coins are for the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Cappy the Co-op Companion

A throwable and sentient cap that transfers Mario into the thing or creature in lands on? Terrifying! On the other hand a T-Rex sporting a moustache is probably worth the spectacle of it all. 

Mario's hat 'companion' Cappy does more than just let Mario possess certain creatures and machinery as it also can be used as a weapon to be thrown boomerang-style so it returns afterwards. A more direct attack lets Mario actually control the flight of Cappy to hit enemies or interact with objects. It's also useful for create a platform to reach areas otherwise too high or too far for Mario. A spin attack also lets Mario strike at enemies close by.

Mario can also buy new hats which give him new abilities as you traverse the world and kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey. Each of the explorable kingdoms connects through a hub world to return to. Princes Peach and Bowser are teased in the latest gameplay footage from E3 2017, as well as many classic enemies.

A co-op mode is going to feature in Super Mario Odyssey and the interesting thing is it lets your co-op partner actually control Cappy. You can fly around and attack enemies using the second JoyCon controller but there's a trade-off. You won't be able to collect the Moons currency as it would potentially 'break' the game's balance. Cappy is invincible and can still fly around if even Mario's hands are full, which in single-player would mean Cappy can't do anything.

Amiibo Antics

Nintendo have also revealed there will be amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey in the form of Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser all dressed up in wedding formals. These can connect to the game through Nintendo Switch and offer assists, along with different costumes. Other existing amiibo will also work with the game.

Be sure to check back regularly as we get closer to launch as Nintendo releases more information.

Super Mario Odyssey
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