Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K & Full HD Remaster Announced

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Square Enix has just announced '4K & Full HD Remaster' of 2009/2010's Star Ocean: The Last Hope. This 4K supporting remaster will come to PS4 and PC.

This will be the first time the Star Ocean series has crossed over to desktops and will include keyboard and mouse support alongside controller layouts. As for the 4K & Full HD Remaster feature upgrades - it will support 4K resolutions with significant visual flare.

If you don't have a PS4 Pro then a Full-HD version is what you get while PC gamers will have the option to pick what resolutions they want, including 4K. As an extra treat for those who like some in-game photography there is an option to remove the UI for the PC version. The Last Hope gives you control of your own ship as well as focusing more on the RPG series' sci-fi themes, and takes place centuries before the original Star Ocean.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K & Full HD Remaster releases on PC and PlayStation 4 in the future.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K & Full HD Remaster
A remastered version of the original Star Ocean: The Last Hope featuring support for 4K resolutions for PlayStation 4...
Release Dates
28 Nov 2017-PC
28 Nov 2017-PS4
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