Channel Zero Renewed for Seasons 3 and 4 

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The Syfy channel have doubled down on their anthology show, Channel Zero, renewing it for a further two series.  

Channel Zero air its six episode first series last year to largely favourable reviews, with the show initially set to run for at least two series. Now Syfy have now doubled that initial order even though series two hasn’t aired yet. 

That second series is to adapt author Brian Russell’s The No-End House, which concerns a dwelling filled with new horrors in every room, and a woman who finds her life turned upside down after making it out of the place alive.

It is unclear at this point which stories seasons 3 and 4 will adapt. 

Channel Zero Season 2
The second season of Syfy's horror anthology series which is built around creepypastas - an internet short form of ho...
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20 Sep 2017-Syfy
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