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Raquel Welch aims for revenge! The west gets wilder when Raquel Welch saddles up in Hannie Caulder, a sagebrush saga that combines hard-hitting action with the rowdiness of three of the most wicked villains (played by Ernest Borgnine, Strother Martin and Jack Elam) ever to ride the lone prarie. Welch is Hannie, a woman sworn to vengeance after three thugs rape her and kill her husband. At first, she has more heart than know-how. But once bounty hunter Robert Culp teaches her how to shoot, Hannie straps on her .45 and sets out to put a few notches in its handle.

Hannie Caulder release date for DVD February 6, 2006 14 Years Ago (UK)

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Hannie Caulder was released on DVD 5232d ago in the UK.
February 6, 2006Confirmed
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